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Services and Activities

The following is a summary of activities facilitated by the Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office.

  • Individualized Barrier Removal:

    Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office assists in identifying, altering or removing architectural barriers around campus to improve accessibility. This includes minor modifications to existing facilities on a request/need basis. If altering a barrier is not feasible, the Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office will works to identify an alternate route of travel, or an alternate form of program access (refer to UCLA's mandate under Title II of the ADA, specifically Program Accessibility).

  • Text Telephone (TTY) installation for public usage:

    As of June 1, 1998, several Public Telephones equipped with TTY capabilities have been installed around campus. Currently, these Public Text Telephones are located in Murphy Hall, the Law School Building, Powell Library, the UCLA Medical Center, North Campus Food Facility, and Ackerman Union. The ADA & 504 Compliance Office can work with campus departments and UCLA Telecommunications to install additional Public Text Telephones on a request/need basis.

  • Provide information on ADA requirements (by request) and Training:

    Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office serves as the campus resource for information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and its requirements. Any questions regarding the ADA and/or its requirements should be directed to the Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office. The ADA & 504 Compliance Office can provide materials regarding the law provisions, as well as trainings to campus departments on their obligations under the law.

    Overview of ADA & 504 Requirements for Planning Accessible UCLA Events/Meetings

  • Consultation on Program Access to all campus services and activities:

    Under the requirements of Title II of the ADA, a public entity's programs, services, and activities, when viewed in their entirety, must be made readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, except where to do so would result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the programs or in undue financial and administrative burdens. This standard, known as "program accessibility" applies to all existing facilities of a public entity. Under this standard, the University is not required to make all its facilities or every part of a single facility architecturally accessible. Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office advises and consults with campus entities with respect to the appropriate means of providing program access.

  • Consultation on Accessibility Requirements for new campus construction and existing facility renovation:
  • The ADA and California State Building Code contain requirements for the inclusion of accessibility features for persons with disabilities in new construction and certain facility alterations and renovations. Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office consults with campus entities to assist in their understanding and application of these requirements. The Compliance Office also conducts reviews of blueprints and construction plans of proposed new construction and renovation to help assure that such projects meet ADA requirements.Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office disseminates and provides upon request copies of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS), and the disability related accessibility requirements contained in Title 24 of the California State Building Code.

  • Creation of additional accessible parking spaces:

    Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office works closely with Parking Services to insure that disability related program access to parking is appropriately accommodated. Occasionally, the need for additional accessible parking arises. With adequate notification, the Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office can assist by working with Parking Services to facilitate accommodation.